Vucic hosted lunch to mark Serbian National Day

These photos show President Vucic serving guests a traditional roast pork.
Among the guests was the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Irinej.
Earlier today, Vucic bestowed decorations on the occasion of the national holiday, addressed the ceremony, and met with representatives of Serbs from Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Vucic: "We will always be with the Chinese people"

Aleksandar Vucic first spoke with Atlantic Council CEO Damon Wilson, and then met with Forina's political director Richard Moore, it was posted on the profile of "The Future of Serbia AV on Instagram".
During the 56th Munich Security Conference, Vucic also met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Ji and said that Serbia would always be with the Chinese people.

My regards to Mr. Carpenter

"We can discuss things that pertain to the economic progress, we have no problem with that, but we will not discuss the status until the fees are abolished. That is on hold, and we are waiting for the fees to be abolished", Vucic said when asked by Al Jazeera journalists in Munich, where he participates in the Munich Security Conference.

"I can neither confirm or deny, but I would not rule out this possibility"

Vucic could neither confirm nor deny the information that outgoing Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak would be appointed EU's special envoy in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina on resolving the Kosovo issue, but stressed that he would not rule out the possibility.

Vucic: I won't give up VIDEO

Vucic added that in spite of this, he will not give up the fight for that solution and he is willing to participate in the process.
After talking with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, Vucic recalled that he discussed with him the missed chances and what could be done, including the proposals to reach a compromise solution.

"We promised to open a factory in Drvar and we opened it"

As previously reported from his cabinet, Vucic will attend the opening of the Komercijalna Banka branch in Drvar, visit the Health Center and attend the opening of the Jumko factory.
Serbian government has allocated € 32 million for various projects over the last two years, with the aim to help the Serb population in Republika Srpska.

Stefanovic: Vucic to meet Djukanovic soon, the attack might be ethnically motivated

According to him, this is in order to protect the Serbian people in that country and to calm tensions.
Stefanovic told RTS, after Vucic held an emergency meeting with security officials last night due to the deterioration of the situation in the region, there was work to be done to restore peace and reduce tensions.

Vucic and Djukanovic discussed in Israel the position of Serbian people in Montenegro

The two presidents also spoke about establishing better coordination in future appearances before the European institutions.
Vucic said that their positions and standpoints are very remote and that it is not possible to reach a common position on these issues. He added that the conversation was long, rather difficult and complex.