Vucic to host Medvedev: Russian Prime Minister will visit Belgrade on October 19

His host during this one-day visit will be the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, it has been noted.
Media reported earlier that Medvedev comes to Belgrade on the occasion of marking 75th anniversary since the liberation of Belgrade in the World War II, as well as that he will address MPs on the Special Assembly of the Serbian Parliament.

Turkey’s ‘Sultan’ Unites Feuding Balkan Leaders in Admiration

Ankara sees Serbia as key to the region:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, Serbia, 2019. Photo: EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

A decade ago, in 2008, the annual trade volume between Serbia and Turkey was worth only about 340 million US dollars.

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia to Allow Passport-Free Travel by 2021

The leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia agreed to allow passport-free travel for their citizens by 2021 and a speedier cross-border flow of goods to boost regional economic development. This was announced earlier today by Reuters News Agency.

This move is not related to the ongoing EU membership negotiations.

Serbian Bishops Protest Over Patriarch’s Award for President

Serbian Orthodox bishops have voiced concern for the image of the Church after their leader, Patriarch Irinej, on Tuesday handed President Aleksandar Vucic a prestigious award for the "great deeds" he had done for Serbia and Kosovo.

A group of 14 bishops said in a letter to the Patriarch sent the same evening that they feared the reputation of the Church might be tarnished.

Erdogan: the best bilateral relations in modern history

At the beginning of the face to face meeting, Vucic expressed his hope that Erdogan's second visit to Serbia would be even more fruitful.
Serbian President thanked the Turkish head of state for very good bilateral relations, to which Erdogan also referred in an interview with Serbian media, calling them the best in modern history.

Parastate terrorizes and persecutes the Serb List, only 'Serbia' is a forbidden word

He stated that in this way they would thwart the attempts to manipulate the Serbian electoral will.
n a statement to RTS, Vucic said that the Serb List was experiencing real political terror and persecution, organized by the organs of the so-called parastate, supported by some in the international community.

Vucic: We are working on new withdrawals of Kosovo recognition

"They (representatives of Pristina) yesterday relieved us of all responsibility, saying that they had come for new recognitions of Kosovo's independence. Now I say publicly - we are working on new withdrawals of recognition, they are doing their job and we are doing ours, so let's see who will be more successful", Vucic told RTS.