Vucic: I'm just an ordinary dad

"It is good that I do not react as I usually do," Vucic said, announcing that he would talk about this specific issue on the public service in the evening.
"It is normal that every parent, and I am just an ordinary dad, may not be the best in the world, but I love my children," President Vucic said on the occasion of the KRIK portal's posts about his son Danilo Vucic.

Vucic: "Budimka is a symbol of recovery, Highway to Pozega finalized within a year"

"This is a great success for Serbia, Budimka is back", President of Serbia said during a tour of the modern factory, holding a can of mixed marmalade.
President Vucic received the first jar of raspberry jam that came out of the production line as a gift.

Serbian Journalist’s Phone Confiscated for ‘Photographing President’s son’

A journalist from the Serbian investigative media portal KRIK, Bojana Pavlovic, said her phone was confiscated on Wednesday night by an unknown man in the presence of a police officer, after she took photos of President's Aleksandar Vucic's 21-year-old son, Danilo, KRIK has reported.

Vucic: There's no doubt - without resolving Kosovo issue, Serbia will not join the EU

"I call on the competent state bodies to do their job and the prosecutor's office to tell us whether that politician exists or not," Vucic said about Juric's allegation that there is a pedophile politician in Serbia.
The most important message is to show that there are no protected people in Serbia, and the state authorities will, according to him, do everything to determine that.

Serbia and Montenegro’s Strongman Leaders United in Self-Interest

Since December last year, when Montenegro adopted its controversial law regulating freedom of religion, the country has been caught up in an ongoing crisis that has sparked street protests and caused serious tensions between the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and its supporters on one side and the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists led by President Milo Djukanovic on the other.