Water supply

Increasing water scarcity is threatening agricultural production

Water is at the core of our existence. From an agriculture perspective, water is the essence of the food we grow. The world's food systems depend on the planet's water systems. Many global challenges, however, are threatening the sustainability of our water resources leading to water stress and scarcity and therefore impeding our efforts to attain food security.

Water level rises in Istanbul dams

Water levels in the dams supplying Istanbul have reached 79.4 percent thanks to recent rainfall.

Data from the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ) showed that water level in Istanbul dams were at 24 percent on Jan. 11, when the city's water supplies were at alarmingly low levels, but increased by almost three times in three-and-half months.

Bulgaria: Lyubimets Left Without Drinking Water for High Arsenic Concentration

Drinking water in the southern Bulgarian town of Lyubimets is not safe for human consumption due to an increased arsenic content found in it. The problem affects about 8,000 people who as of today are unable to use the tap water for drinking and cooking, although it will not be stopped so that it can be used for all other needs.

Explosion in the factory in Zrenjanin, there are injured

One worker suffered more severe injuries and the other minor injuries. Both were immediately hospitalized.
The director of the Water Factory, Bojan Dimki, told the Beta agency that the inspection was on the ground and that an investigation was underway, and that he would soon provide more information.

Minister of Environment: Bulgaria Is in for Serious Water Crisis


Minister of Environment Emil Dimitrov came to the Parliament surprisingly to warn lawmakers about the poor condition of the dams in Bulgaria. He stated that Burgas is facing a serious water crisis, which in 6 months will be a fact and in the coastal city and the situation will be similar to that in Pernik, the town facing persistent water-supply crisis.