Women's Candidates Tournament

Bulgarian Chess Sensation Nurgyul Salimova Fights to Draw Against Russian Opponent

In a thrilling showdown at the Women's World Chess Title Challenger Tournament in Toronto, Bulgarian chess sensation Nurgyul Salimova showcased her resilience and strategic prowess as she battled Russian opponent Kateryna Lagno to a hard-fought draw.

Bulgarian Nurgyul Salimova's Near Triumph Against World Champion Tan Zhongyi

In a gripping showdown at the Candidates Tournament in Toronto, Nurgyul Salimova came tantalizingly close to securing a monumental victory against the formidable 16th world champion, Tan Zhongyi of China. However, her hopes were dashed as a crucial misstep allowed Tan to salvage a draw from what seemed like an inevitable defeat.

Bulgaria's Nurgyul Salimova Falls to Vaishali Rameshbabu After Tense Chess Tournament Battle

In a riveting showdown unfolding at the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Title in Toronto, Nurgyul Salimova faced off against India's Vaishali Rameshbabu for the second time, resulting in a gripping clash that lasted 88 moves and nearly six hours.

Nurgyul Salimova's Strong Showing: Draws With World Vice-Champion, Holds 5th in Chess Tournament

In a tense clash at the Toronto World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament, Nurgul Salimova faced off against China's Lei Tingjie in the ninth round, drawing with the black pieces. This hard-fought match added 4 points to Salimova's tally, solidifying her position in the tournament. Meanwhile, her rival, who recently vied for the world title, stands at 5.5 points.

Bulgaria's Salimova Battles to Draw Against Muzychuk in World Chess Showdown

In a riveting match at the World Chess Challengers Tournament in Toronto, Bulgarian chess prodigy Nurgyul Salimova showcased her skills yet again, securing a hard-fought draw against Ukrainian opponent Anna Muzychuk. The encounter, which lasted five and a half hours, ended in a stalemate on the 120th move, marking Salimova's fifth draw in the tournament.

Bulgaria's Salimova Secures Draw Against Strong Russian Opponent in Candidates Tournament

In a captivating showdown at the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Title, Nurgyul Salimova, the 20-year-old Bulgarian sensation, clashed with Russian veteran Kateryna Lagno in a fiercely contested match that ended in a draw.

Salimova's Challenge: Bulgarian Chess Prodigy Falls to Russian Rival Goryachkina

Bulgaria's Nurgyul Salimova faced defeat against Russian Alexandra Goryachkina in the sixth round of the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Title held in Toronto. The loss marked Salimova's second in the tournament, leaving her with 2.5 points and securing her fifth place in the rankings.

Nurgyul Salimova Secures Draw Against Leader Tan Zhongyi in Candidates Tournament

During the match at the Candidates Tournament in Toronto, Nurgyul Salimova, the 20-year-old Bulgarian chess player secured a draw against former world champion Tan Zhongyi of China in the fifth round. With the black pieces, Salimova displayed remarkable composure, earning her third draw of the competition and accumulating 2.5 points overall.