Dog grows new face after his head was eaten by maggots (vid)

An incredible video shows how a dog grew a new face just weeks after his head was badly eaten by maggots.

Kalu’s injuries were so severe his wound exposed a large section of his skull and his eyes were nowhere to be seen.

The dog was discovered by charity people from Animal Aid Unlimited after crawling into a hole at a construction site.


Kalu’s injuries were so severe that a large section of his skull was exposed and his eyes were could not be seen. Therefore, vets originally planned to put him down since he was paining a lot.

But, fortunately they deciding to try to save him. They remove the maggot infestation, cleaned the wound and and left him to recover.

And two days later Kalus was able to eat food again. To their surprise, five days after his treatment, the dog’s left eye suddenly reappeared and as time passed by his wound began to heal and hair grew again while three months later Kalus’s face was miraculously grown again.

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