News archive of November 2023

Reds and Greens blow their lead to lose on the road

Both Panathinaikos and Olympiakos suffered defeats on the road on Thursday for the Euroleague, probably not doing themselves any justice for their efforts in Belgrade and Monaco respectively.

The Greens went down 92-87 at Partizan in overtime, after wasting a 10-point led in the last few minutes of regulation.

Sunak canceling meeting with Mitsotakis ‘definitely a huge diplomatic blunder’

The atmosphere at the event to mark the creation of the Seferis Office and the Roderick Beaton Reading Room at the Greek Embassy in London last Monday afternoon was wonderful and worthy of Greek-British friendship. Suddenly, "after the speeches, the atmosphere changed. The room went cold, we were all surprised," prominent writer Victoria Hislop, who was at the embassy, told Kathimerini.

Sculptures are an ulcer on Greek-British relations

Primary sources hold that had he not died prematurely in Messolongi almost 200 years ago, Lord Byron would have been offered the throne of Greece and ruled the newly established kingdom as its first monarch. It is quite possible that Lord Byron was the King George I that Greece never had.

Rearguard battle

The benefits of digitization are so obvious and now experienced by citizens that anyone who hinders it can only fight a rearguard battle in favor of their petty interests. All in vain. 

Behind the facade

It's not a joke but a true story. A "socialist" president of an African country wanted to showcase his avant-garde vision to the people. So, he commissioned a Dutch food company to build a state-of-the-art bread production facility in the nation's capital, and amid much fanfare, flour went in one end of the factory, and fresh, sliced bread in colorful packaging came out the other.

ATHEX: Bourse posts 6.88% leap in November

November proved to be a very profitable month for the Greek stock market, and not only for bank stocks, whose index soared 12.44%, but also for the benchmark, which has grabbed 6.88% from October 31. The month ended with a high-trade day due to index rebalancing and gains for most stocks, which took the main index to a new 12-week high on Thursday.

Notaries on strike until December 11

In their latest clash with the Digital Governance Ministry, notaries have decided to strike until December 11, saying that the digital platform for property transfers that will be created will not also be under the responsibility of the Justice Ministry. What's more they said that the digital procedure described has not been provided for in legislation.

The new tax legislation and Poul Thomsen

The changes to the taxation of the self-employed and freelancers proposed by the Finance Ministry brought to mind a discussion I had in 2012 in Washington with Poul Thomsen, the then head of the International Monetary Fund's mission for Greece and later the Fund's director for Europe.