Bulgaria Versus EU: Decent Economy but Poor Quality of Life

In the "Catch-Up Index 2019", Bulgaria occupies 29th place with 36 points. The country performs best in the categories "Economy" - 28th place with 40 points and in "Governance" - also 28th place with 38 points. The worst performance is in the "Quality of Life" category, where this country ranks 30th with 29 points. In "Democracy" Bulgaria holds the 29th place with 35 points. When it comes to inequality, Bulgaria ranks 34th out of 35 countries.

The Open Society Catch-Up Index aims at answering the question to what extent the newer EU member states are catching-up with the "older" ones. The levels of cohesion in the categories of "Economy", "Quality of Life", "Democracy" and "Governance" are monitored./BNR

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