Yedigöller welcomes season of romance with all colors of nature

Turkey's popular tourist destination, Yedigöller National Park, invites nature lovers and campers, especially during the romantic season of fall, to bask in its tranquility while taking a stroll at the park surrounded by rich plants and animals.

Yellow, gold, green and orange hues of leaves decorate trees nowadays at the park in the northwestern province of Bolu, which is situated between two of the country's largest cities, Istanbul and Ankara.

Named after its seven lakes - Büyükgöl, Seringöl, Nazlıgöl, İncegöl, Sazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, and Deringöl - the area offers a perfect scene for travelers and nature photographers as well as day-trippers.

Most of the locals in Bolu travel to the lakes in the summer for a picnic or a weekend getaway, but the prime time of the year when Bolu becomes a popular destination is when Turkey bids farewell to hot summer days.

Hosting many holidaymakers mostly in autumn, the national park was visited by 94,000 people in the first nine months of the year. However, experts expect this figure to rise to 200,000 by the end of the year.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Bolu Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Manager Serpil Uysal said that Yedigöller was preparing to experience autumn in the best way as it does every year.

Noting that the necessary measures are being taken by officials to protect the national park, Uysal emphasized that visitors should also not ignore their responsibilities during their stay.

"When coming to Yedigöller, visitors should be aware that they are in a protected area. On their way from the region, they must leave the area without leaving anything but footprints. We expect the same sensitivity from visitors," she noted.

She also warned that those...

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