King Charles III: My Beloved Mother was an Inspiration and Example to me

The heir to the British crown, King Charles III, made his first televised address since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"I turn to you with a sense of deep sorrow. All my life my beloved mother has been an inspiration and an example to me and the whole family. We owe her the most heartfelt debt that a family could owe to its mother - for love, concern, the guidance, understanding and example she set for us. Queen Elizabeth lived with dignity and fulfilled her promises - our grief for her is deep.

This promise of lifelong service I owe to you today. The whole family shares their personal grief with all of you in the UK, in all countries where the Queen has been Head of State, in the Commonwealth and around the world. We are left with a sense of deep gratitude for the more than 70 years during which my mother as queen served so many nations."

In his speech, Charles III recalled his mother's 1947 address, when Elizabeth II vowed to serve the British community throughout her life, whether long or short.

"This is now more than a vow - it is a deeply personal commitment that she fulfilled and that defined her entire life. She made sacrifices for that duty. She never wavered in a time of change, of progress, in a time of joy and sadness, in a time of loss. Through her life of service, we saw that her love of tradition, but also her fearless dedication to progress, defined the nation. The love and respect she inspired became a hallmark of her reign." said the king.

The new king also swore allegiance to his subjects:

"As the Queen herself has done with such steadfast devotion, I now also solemnly swear before you, for the remainder of the time which God has allotted to me, to carry out the...

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