Heads of state

Finland's conservative party picks ministers for right-wing coalition government

Finland's conservative National Coalition Party, the winner of April's general election, on Sunday unveiled its picks for key Cabinet posts in the upcoming government that observers say will be the most right-wing in the Nordic country's recent history.

Vucic thanks bin Zayed for his engagement towards resolution of issues

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke on Thursday in Belgrade with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan about current developments in Kosovo-Metohija and thanked him for his engagement to date towards peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues.

Parliament speakers of Serbia, Azerbaijan sign MoU

BELGRADE - The parliament speakers of Serbia and Azerbaijan, Vladimir Orlic and Sahiba Gafarova, signed a MoU between the two parliaments on Thursday.

They agreed the memorandum would encourage a strengthening of overall parliamentary cooperation at all levels and that it reconfirmed the friendship between Serbia and Azerbaijan.

FBI releases documents on Attempted Assassinations against Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II faced potential assassination threats during a 1983 visit to the United States, according to newly released FBI documents reported by the BBC on Friday

After the monarch's death last September, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released files related to the late queen's travels to the United States.

Borivoje Borović in favor of Romanian scenario: "Ceaușescu had numerous supporters"

Borivoje Borovi wishes for a Romanian scenario: "Ceaușescu also had 100,000 to 200,000 supporters that day."
He stated for N1 that if the protests last for days, the authorities will feel fear "in their bones".
"And it's not just a change of government, for the first time ruling political structure will surely go to prison," Borovi told N1.

Independence monument, new attempt to unite the nation

Slovenia is one of the few ex-communist or ex-socialist countries that has not opted for tearing down monuments associated with the former regime after it adopted democracy in the 1990s. However, now Slovenia's first president and last head of the country's Communist party has suggested just that.