Ministry launches investigation into pollution in Riva Stream

As the color of the Riva Stream in Istanbul has turned black again and the pungent odor rising following the formation of an oil slick over its surface, the Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry has started an investigation by taking samples from the water.

The creek, also known as Çayağzı Stream, which flows into the Black Sea from the north of the Marmara Region, turned black again. Besides the oil-like stratifications seen on the water surface near the shore, wastes left around it also attracted the attention of residents.

Upon the increasing complaints about the stream, where a sickening smell lingers, the ministry-affiliated teams started an investigation by taking samples from the water and mud on the ground.

"Some of those who come here leave garbage and waste here. People need to be sensitive. It is a very beautiful place. It is not a good thing that it has become this way," said Gökhan Şahin, who came to the creek for a picnic.

Noting that the stream has been like this for about 20 days, another resident in the region, Erol Şener, said, "Twenty years ago, it was much more beautiful. We used to fish here in our childhood. Our fishing friends can't even wash their boats here because of the pollution of the water."

"The situation is truly deplorable. There is a beach ahead called Riva Beach, where swimming season will open in about six months. As the current here is constantly going to the beach, it can also be dangerous for health," he added.

The creek, which is around 32 kilometers long, has connections with Ömerli Dam and the advanced biological wastewater treatment plant of the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ), which has not yet made a statement.

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