Power Outages Persist: Numerous Bulgarian Settlements Still in Darkness

Disaster recovery efforts have slowly commenced, but numerous Bulgarian settlements continue to face a severe lack of electricity. "Bulgarian Railways" (BDZ) has confirmed the restoration of all main rail lines, yet complications persist in several municipalities, notably in the Ruse villages of Borovo, Dve Mogili, and Vetovo, where a state of emergency has been declared. Despite ongoing efforts, four settlements in the district remain without power, exacerbating the challenges faced by residents.

Winter conditions have rendered most roads in Rusensko passable, but the absence of electricity has resulted in communication breakdowns. Mobile networks are affected in areas lacking power, leading to disruptions in phone services. Moreover, some municipalities continue to experience intermittent issues with landline telephones.

Substantial numbers of subscribers across affected areas remain disconnected from power sources, further exacerbating the crisis. Efforts are underway to rectify the situation, with reports indicating that electricity outages in Sofia and smaller towns will be resolved by midday today.

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