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Тhieves Robbed a Jewelry Store in Sofia

Тhieves robbed a jewelry store on Al.Stamboliyski Blvd. in Sofia. The thieves have left with valuables worth over BGN 15,000, BNR reported.

The shop assistant explained to the police that several people had entered the store at the same time, and two of them asked her to show them some of the jewels displayed. Meanwhile, their accomplices managed to steal jewelry for over BGN 15,000.

The Construction of the First 8 Stations from the Third Metro Line of Sofia Will Be Completed the Next Month

The construction of the first 8 stations from the third metro line of Sofia will be completed in December, the director of Metropoliten Stoyan Bratoev announced, Trud bg writes. The 8 km route starts from Vladimir Vazov Blvd and will pass through Eagle Bridge, National Palace of Culture and Bulgaria Blvd, reaching Krasno Selo. The stations will be commissioned in the next few months.

National Forum "With Eyes Open for All" under the Auspices of UNICEF Is Held in Sofia

A National Forum named "With Eyes Open for All" is held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia under the auspices of UNICEF. It is dedicated to the inclusion and empowerment of children, adolescents and young people with different abilities in Bulgaria. The event is held on occasion of the 30th anniversary since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, BNR reported.

The Warm Weather Postponed the Flu by a Month

This autumn the temperatures in Sofia won't fall below 0. This happens once every 20 years, climate scientist Prof. Georgi Rachev told BNT.

"September, October, November were not only warmer but also the temperatures won't fall below 0," adding that: "We postponed the flu by one month because of the warm and dry weather."

Boutiques Buy Second-Hand Clothes and Sell them at Triple the Price

Expensive boutiques buy the best clothes and accessories from second-hand stores to resell them at least double and triple the prices, Telegraph reported. This was also confirmed by the head of the Association of processors and second-hand apparel retailers Sevdalin Spasov.

Lazar Radkov for the “Caps for the future” Initiative, Greta Thunberg and how to Live Peaceful and Happy Life

"Caps for the future" is a campaign set up by Lazar Radkov and Martina Iordanova in 2017. Their goal is to collect and recycle as much bottle caps as possible in order to buy new baby incubators and donate them in hospitals throughout Bulgaria.

See the interview with Lazar Radkov below: 

How did the idea of ​​"Caps for the future" come up?