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Bulgaria’s Ombudswoman Warned of a Large Number of Complaints due to the New Changes in Sofia’s Public Transport

The ombudswoman Diana Kovacheva sent a letter to the chairman of the capital municipal council, Georgi Georgiev, and to the capital mayor, Yordanka Fandakova, in which she warned about a large number of complaints related to the changed conditions for travel in public transport, which have been in force since January 1.

Bulgaria: The New Subvariant of Omicron was Detected in Patients in Plovdiv and Sofia

The new subvariant of "Omicron" - XBB.1, has been detected in Bulgaria, according to the data of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCDPD), published on the center's website. In the table for the results of sequenced samples for variants of COVID-19, it can be seen that the XBB.1 subvariant was detected in two of the samples, of patients from Plovdiv and from Sofia.

Bulgaria: A moving Train caught Fire

The locomotive of the fast train from Varna to Sofia caught fire in motion at around 11 a.m. today. This was told by passengers traveling in the ill-fated train.

The fire broke out after the departure from Mezdra station to Cherepish. The passengers were the first to notice it and alert the drivers. All passengers, about 50 people, were evacuated and there were no injuries.

The Weather in Bulgaria will be Windy, Temperatures up to 14 Degrees

Sunny and windy weather will prevail today. A moderate, strong north-westerly wind will blow in the Danube plain and the western part of the Upper Thracian plain, and a portion of cold air will invade with it.

A yellow code has been announced for 17 areas in Northern and Central Bulgaria due to the strong wind. The northwest wind is expected to gust 18-20 m/s.

Employee of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry was Detained for Trafficking Migrants

Within a few hours today, on the Trakia highway, officers from the Directorate and the Zonal Gendarmerie Unit detained two motor vehicle drivers and a total of 56 illegally staying foreigners. One of the drivers is an employee of the Ministry of the Interior.