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A National Coordination Council for Measles Has Been Established

By April 22, 463 cases of measles have been reported to the Ministry of Health, reported NOVA TV. 

A National Coordination Council for Measles Control was established by order of the Minister of Health to assist in carrying out activities to reduce the spread of the disease.

It will also perform activities related to the analysis and control of the measures taken.

Bulgarian Exports to Vietnam in 2018 Amounted to $ 33.0 million in 2018

,,In 2018 between Bulgaria and Vietnam, a total turnover of USD 88.8 million was achieved. The increase compared to 2017 is about 10%, but I think we have a higher potential to realize.'' This was said by the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov during a meeting with the Vietnamese Ambassador HE. Mr.

For the First Time a Bulgarian Won a Scholarship from the Hertz Foundation

23-year-old Alex Atanasov is the first and only Bulgarian who has won the prestigious scholarship for young scientists of the American Hertz Foundation, learned from him.

The Hertz Foundation scholarship is awarded once a year to the most prominent US graduate students in Applied Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering.

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to Hold Discussions in Schools on Online Safety and Cyber Security

Bulgaria's EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel will hold discussions with pupils in two schools in Sofia's Ovcha Kupel quarter on 23 April on "Internet Security and Resistance to Cyberattacks", said the press office of the EC Representation in Bulgaria.

The World Bank Office in Bulgaria Opens in 2 Years and will Employs More than 300 People

The construction of the new World Bank office in Sofia will begin in July this year, with the project being carried out in several stages. Within two years, it must be completely ready. Within the first five years of its opening, over 300 people have to work there.

This information was confirmed by Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, quoted by "24 hours".

Theft of Electricity in a Luxury Building in Sofia Detected by CEZ

Electricity theft from a luxury building in Sofia has been established by the electricity distribution company CEZ.

Company employees and police officers detected a high-power cable that was directly connected to the power meter panel in a new and modern building on Bulgaria Blvd.

Mostly Sunny Today in Bulgaria, Highs between 16°C and 21°C

The weather will be mostly sunny today, maximum temperatures will reach 16°C to 21°, meteorologist Georgy Tsekov of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) told Focus News Agency. More clouds expected across the northeastern parts, in the afternoon throughout the country clouds will increase briefly. Only a few places will see light rain.

Heat Companies in Bulgaria Want an Increase in the Price of Heating by Up to 108%

Heat companies are considering price jump to happen in July, 2019, reported NOVA TV. 

A higher heating prices from July 1 want the district heating companies throughout the country. Some of them even insist on a double jump. 

The biggest increase - by 108% - has been requested by "Toplofikatsia Gabrovo", which works on coal.