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485 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, 14 People Died

This is indicated by the data of the National Operational Headquarters

485 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, and the victims of the virus are 14. This is according to the latest data from the National Operational Headquarters.

An 83-year-old woman with COVID-19 died at Alexandrovska Hospital. She suffered from hypertension and diabetes.

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A man wearing a protective face mask and gloves ventures into a subway station in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on April 2, 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/Borislav Troshev.

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, a man wearing a face mask walks the streets of Sarajevo on April 2, 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/Fehim Demir.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny

It will be mostly sunny today. In the afternoon, it will become cloudy in the southwest but no rain is expected. Light to moderate wind will blow from the south-southeast, it will become north-northeast in the western part of the Danubian Plain. Maximum temperatures between 10C and 15C, in Sofia - about 11C. Atmospheric pressure is close to the monthly average and will drop slightly.

477 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria

477 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. A 4-year-old child who has bilateral pneumonia is likely to be intubated, said the chief of staff, Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski. The death toll has increased by two. So far, 12 people have died.

422 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria, 207 are Hospitalized

422 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. The new laboratory-proven cases are 10, 8 of them in Sofia and 2 of them in Blagoevgrad.

207 of the infected are hospitalized,18 of whom are in intensive care units.

There are 241 COVID-19 infected men and 181 COVID-19 infected women.

NIMH: Code Yellow and Code Orange Warning for Dangerous Weather in Place in 16 Bulgarian Regions

A Code Orange warning for heavy snow has been issued for two Bulgarian regions, another 14 regions have been warned with a Code Yellow, according to the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).

Bulgarian and Romanian Medics Left for Austria to Help with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Chartered flights brought more than 200 health workers to Austria on Monday (30 March) to ensure that care was not disrupted by COVID-19 travel restrictions, a regional official said., Euractiv announced.

On Monday, 231 Bulgarian and Romanian medics departed in the region of Lower Austria, with organised flights from Sofia and Timisoara.