Deadline nears for candidate submission in local elections

Political parties are racing against time to finalize their candidate lists for the upcoming local elections scheduled for March 31, with the clock ticking towards the deadline.

The deadline for political parties to submit their candidate lists expires at 5 p.m. on Feb. 20.

According to the official electoral calendar, preparations are well underway with the determination of polling stations and the initiation of casting and distribution of voter information sheets set to commence on Feb. 29.

By March 24, the distribution of voter information sheets to voters is expected to be completed.

In adherence to the electoral guidelines, political party district presidencies are mandated to submit candidate lists for mayoral, municipal council membership and provincial general assembly membership to the Supreme Election Council's (YSK) district boards.

Similarly, the parties' provincial presidencies in metropolitan areas are required to submit their candidate lists for metropolitan mayor to the council's provincial boards by the stipulated deadline.

Independent candidates are also granted the opportunity to submit their applications by the same time.

Following the submission deadline, political parties will have until Feb. 22 to rectify any deficiencies in their candidate lists. The provisional candidate lists, inclusive of independent candidates, are slated for announcement the day after, marking the commencement of the objection period. Final candidate lists are scheduled to be unveiled on March 3.

Simultaneously, the printing and distribution of combined ballot papers to the YSK's district boards are set to commence. As the electoral process unfolds, authorities have also announced the commencement of freedom of...

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