Knife Attack at German School Leaves Several Students Injured!

A knife attack at a school in the western German city of Wuppertal has left several students injured, authorities confirmed. Police swiftly detained a suspect who also sustained injuries during the incident, according to a spokesperson for law enforcement agencies.

The attack, which occurred in the "Elberfeld" district, did not involve the use of firearms, police stated. However, specific details about the suspect and the circumstances surrounding the attack have not yet been disclosed.

Reports from Bild newspaper indicate that the incident was indeed a knife attack, prompting a rapid response from law enforcement and emergency medical teams. Specialized units were dispatched to the scene to address the situation.

The affected school, identified as a high school in the area, has opened a reception for concerned parents seeking additional information about the incident. Authorities are working to provide support and guidance to the community in the wake of the disturbing event.

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