Greek team wins top prize in international entrepreneurship competition

A student company hailing from Thessaloniki, northern Greece, has clinched the top prize in an international competition for young entrepreneurs with their creation of Wizzle, a 3D-printed puzzle game boasting medical and educational applications. 

Isometricks, affiliated with the Experimental Senior High School of the University of Macedonia, secured the De La Vega Global Entrepreneurship Award, the highest accolade within the JA Company Program, along with a cash prize of US$15,000.

Representing Europe in the competition, the Greek team, comprising Korina Malasidi, John Terpsiadis, Fay Katsanou, Marina Giakoumoglou, and Nikolas Sivvas, emerged victorious over competing teams from JA Ghana (AID Electronics), JA Argentina (MANIK), Prestasi Junior Indonesia (SIEVASCO), INJAZ Oman (Warif), and JA Southeastern Pennsylvania (Youthful Thinkers).

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