Eskişehir tops list as country’s smartest province, study reveals

In a recent study conducted by the Center of Intelligence Tests, Eskişehir has emerged as Türkiye's smartest city.

Analyzing IQ scores from over 1.2 million individuals across the country, the study sheds light on the cognitive abilities of various regions, with Eskişehir leading the pack with an average IQ of 105.20.

As inhabitants of Eskişehir proudly attest, the city's reputation as an education powerhouse is further bolstered by hosting highly educated immigrants, fostering a dynamic environment for intellectual growth and exchange.

Özgür Özyürek, a resident of Eskişehir, highlights the symbiotic relationship between social interaction and cognitive development, noting that the city's close-knit community and vibrant social scene contribute to its collective intelligence.

"Comfortable communication is normally a sign of high IQ," he says.

Meanwhile, Serdar Sarana, another resident, underscored the role of education in shaping cognitive capabilities, emphasizing Eskişehir's robust educational infrastructure as a catalyst for intellectual advancement.

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