Skill Shortage: Bulgaria Considers Importing Workers from India

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCIP) is exploring the option of importing labor from India to address the shortage of skilled workers in various sectors of the country's economy. In collaboration with the Indian-Bulgarian Business Chamber, discussions will be held to explore the feasibility of this initiative.

Scheduled for today at the BCIP headquarters, a round table session titled "Unused Opportunities for Importing Labor" will delve into this topic. The BCIP has highlighted the pressing need for skilled labor in key sectors like construction, tourism, pharmaceuticals, transport, and logistics, which is currently hampering Bulgaria's economic growth.

The proposal aims to establish a partnership between Bulgaria and India for migration and mobility, facilitating the entry of individuals from third countries into the Bulgarian labor market. Such an agreement could significantly benefit Bulgarian enterprises seeking qualified personnel.

India, with its substantial working-age population expected to represent one-fifth of the global workforce by 2025, emerges as a pivotal player in this endeavor. The BCIP views India as a promising and natural partner for Bulgaria in addressing its labor shortage through international cooperation and collaboration.

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