Bulgaria: Armed Men Foiled in Town Hall ATM Heist


In the Bulgarian town of Shivachevo, an unusual attempted armed robbery occurred when four masked individuals wielding weapons tried to forcibly enter the town hall premises, as reported by bTV. The assailants targeted the ATM inside the building, indicating an intent to steal cash.

During the incident, shots were fired at the security guard stationed at the town hall, although fortunately, no injuries were reported. The guard, who came under fire, has since been questioned by the police, while on-site inspections are currently underway.

Mayor Deyan Ivanov received notification of the attempted robbery from the Tverditsa Police Station at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Despite the gunfire, the security guard escaped unharmed, as confirmed by Ivanov, who emphasized that such an occurrence is unprecedented in the town.

Authorities are yet to ascertain the type of firearm used in the shooting, whether it was a conventional firearm or a gas pistol. While official details regarding the incident are pending, authorities in Sliven have confirmed its occurrence.

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