North Holland

Van Gogh, peddled for a beer, on show

Poland opened an art show on April 26 to celebrate its only Van Gogh painting, a rare early landscape worth millions that was once hawked by a pedlar for the price of a beer.

"Country Huts Among Trees" dates from 1883 when the impoverished Dutch artist was still learning to paint in the countryside around The Hague.

Dutch Case Sparks Concern: COVID-19 Infection Lasts Record 613 Days

In a chilling revelation from the Netherlands, scientists have unveiled a startling case of a COVID-19 infection persisting for an unprecedented 613 days in an elderly patient, casting a shadow of concern over the potential emergence of more virulent variants of the coronavirus.

Google, Amazon, Meta and Apple are Meeting in Sofia

Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple are among the tech giants slated to convene in Sofia for a landmark event in 2025. The prestigious Real World Crypto Symposium (RWC), a gathering of over 1,000 representatives from the world's top technological entities, will be hosted by the INSAIT Institute at Sofia University "St.

Many Greeks would rather spend the weekend abroad than in the countryside

Flights abroad for the long weekends of Clean Monday and Independence Day on March 25 are showing increased occupancy rates of over 75%.

For those departing this weekend from Athens, the most popular destinations are Oslo, Bologna, Geneva, Amsterdam and Lisbon, while those departing from Thessaloniki mainly travel to Frankfurt, Berlin, Larnaca, Munich and Dusseldorf.

Wall of Sound | Athens | March 30

Wall of Sound, an electrifying techno music extravaganza, is the brainchild of DSV1, the stage name of American DJ and techno producer Zak Khutoretsky, a leading figure in the preservation of club culture. The lineup of the show at EON Athens (13 Emmanouil Pappa) features Surgeon (live), Dasha Rush, Akua and locals Cirkle, b2b and a.metz.

Sevdaliza | Athens | April 26

Sevdaliza brings her seductive vibes to Athens at Gagarin205 stage (205 Liosion, If you need an introduction, let's just mention that the Dutch-Iranian singer, songwriter and producer opened for Madonna during her recent Amsterdam performances. She has gained critical acclaim and a devoted fan base due to her creative blend of genres and magnetic stage presence.

Greek theater celebrated in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM - Crossing the street to get to the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA), I saw three students trying to take a selfie with the image of Giannis Angelakas from the poster of "Nekyia" in the background. "Are you Greek?" I asked the young women. No answer. I repeated the question in English. "My boyfriend is Greek," one called Eline explained.