Afghan Taliban official says taking pictures 'major sin'

A Taliban official said journalists were committing "a major sin" by taking pictures, Afghan media reported yesterday.

Television and pictures of living things were banned under the previous Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, but a similar edict has so far not been imposed since authorities took back power in Afghanistan in 2021.

Banned from school, Afghan girls turn to madrassas

In a madrassa in the Afghan capital, rows of teenage girls rock back and forth reciting verses of the Koran under the watchful eye of a religious scholar.

The number of Islamic schools has grown across Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, with teenage girls increasingly attending classes after they were banned from secondary schools.

Explosion in the mosque during prayer: Many casualties feared VIDEO / PHOTO

This was confirmed by the Taliban government spokesman Bilal Karimi. He did not present the details, but stated that there's an ongoing investigation.
According to the first reports, it was a suicide striker in the mosque known as Imam Bargah.
The footage attached to this text may contain disturbing content.

Taliban Killed a Child whose Father was Suspected to be Against the Regime

The Taliban killed a child. The reason - suspicion that his father was involved in the resistance against the new regime.

The news was spread by Afghan media, which published a video with the bloody body of the little boy. According to Panjshir Observer, the murder took place in Takhar province.

Taliban show off US plunder as first flight lands in Kabul since pullout

The Taliban on Sept. 1 paraded some of the military hardware they captured during their takeover of Afghanistan, as a team from Qatar landed at the trashed airport in Kabul - a first step towards getting the facility back up and running as a lifeline for aid.


Taliban co-founder Baradar in Kabul for talks to set up government

Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar arrived in Kabul on Aug. 21 for talks on establishing a new "inclusive" government in Afghanistan, a senior official said.


Other senior Taliban leaders seen in the capital in recent days include Khalil Haqqani - one of America's most wanted terrorists with a $5 million bounty on his head.

LIVE The end! The war is over! Foreigners flee, president disappears VIDEO / PHOTO

Qatari television previously broadcast footage showing Taliban commanders and soldiers celebrating victory in the hallways of the residence and in the office of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who has left the country. The Taliban also said they had taken responsibility for the security of the presidential palace, reports TASS.