Farmers vow Athens tractorcade will go ahead, despite minister’s appeal

Farmers will stage a tractorcade rally in Athens on Tuesday despite Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis requesting that they not do so, protesting farmers' representatives have said.

Earlier, the minister had called on farmers to use buses or private cars to reach the capital instead.

Larissa on high alert as Pinios River flooding looms

The city of Larissa in central Greece, particularly the districts adjacent to the Pinios River, is on high alert this Friday due to the looming threat of flooding.

Firefighters are currently engaged in evacuating residents from these areas, as the water level has reached a dangerously high point, resulting in numerous homes already being inundated.

Larissa: Multiple evacuation orders issued

The villages of Falani, Koulouri, and Dasohori, located near the city of Larissa in the Thessaly region of central Greece, received evacuation orders on Friday as a precautionary measure in response to the impact of Storm Daniel that has struck the region.

All neighborhoods along the riverbanks in Larissa are currently submerged.

Police officer hospitalized in critical condition after brutal assault by husband in Larissa

A 43-year-old woman, who is a police officer, has been hospitalized in critical condition following a brutal assault by her 52-year-old husband in the city of Larissa, central Greece. 

The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday after an intense altercation that escalated, resulting in the man physically attacking his wife.