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Merkel: Dark clouds cast over the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina

In the interview with the correspondents in Berlin, Merkel pointed out that Germany has great interest for European integration of "Serbia and Kosovo", to make progress on this road, but, as she stressed, in order to do that, it is necessary to restore Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Haradinaj: If we do that, I assure you that we will get recognition of independence

In an interview for KTV, he said that "statements of the leaders of political parties, their positions, even different from those in public and in closed meetings," make Kosovo "seem inferior to Serbia."
According to him, Serbia is doing everything to enfeeble Kosovo, while local Kosovo leaders do the same on their part.

Wizz Air with 6 New Routes From Varna and a New Airplane

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, welcomed 1 new, highly efficient Airbus A320 in Bulgaria and launched 6 new routes from Varna. The new destinations from the sea capital are Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Liverpool and Paris, with the first flights from Varna to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin.

Bulgaria Is the Second Cheapest Country in the European Union

Life in Bulgaria became slightly cheaper since the beginning of this year, according to the specialized thematic ranking of the digital platform NUMBEO.

It is prepared every six months, according to data from site visitors and it is about rental prices, store products and prices in restaurants in the country and city, according to the "24-hours" newspaper.

Red carpet for departure as well: Au revoir, Macron FOTO

The good-bye greeting of the two leaders was sincere, as was the welcome of the high guest from Paris.
Vucic escorted Macron to the plane with red carpet and lined Serbian Army Guard.
The fact that Serbian President had in person escorted his French counterpart speaks in itself of the significance of this visit and the good talks conducted in Belgrade.

Macron Dampens Serbia’s Hopes of Rapid EU Membership

French President Emmanuel Macron told a joint press conference held in Belgrade on Monday with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, that Serbia cannot join the European club until the EU has been reformed.

"The EU with 28 members is even now not functioning and cannot be expanded without reforming itself," Macron said.

French media: Macron in Serbia with the aim of reviving "severed relations"

French television "France 24" states that Belgrade-Pristina relations will be among main issues for discussion.
This broadcaster reminds of the fact that this is the first visit of the French President to Serbia after Jacques Chirac's stay in the Balkan region back in 2001.

Romania-France Season ends with events in Carol Park

Bucharest, July 14 /Agerpres/ - The Romania-France Season ends on Sunday in the Carol Park, where events for children, concerts and finally a pyrotechnic show will take place, Michele Ramis, Ambassador of France in Bucharest, has announced. On this occasion, stalls with culinary demonstrations, children's events and street art there will be organized in the Carol Park.