Two Serb parties to have seats in parliament in Skopje

Two Serb parties to have seats in parliament in Skopje

SKOPJE -- Two parties representing ethnic Serbs in Macedonia will have deputies in the country's new parliament, elected on Sunday.

One of them - the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia - "will almost certainly join the ruling majority," the Beta news agency is reporting.

Trains Between Sofia and Thessaloniki to Run Again

The Greek railway company OSE restores the passenger trains between Sofia and Thessaloniki from May 10, reports Bulgaria's public broadcaster BNR. 

The train connection was terminated three years ago by OSE for economic reasons. Now the company renews it, along with the lines from Thessaloniki to Skopje and Belgrade. 

Balkan train links to resume on May 10, with discounts

Trainose, the operating arm of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), is to resume services linking northern Greece to the country’s Balkan neighbors after a three-year hiatus in a bid to profits from rising tourism.

A daily service linking Thessaloniki to Skopje, Belgrade and Sofia is to start operating from May 10.

Macedonia Ruling Party Queried Over Real Estate Spree

Days before Sunday’s early general and presidential elections in Macedonia, the opposition Social Democratic Party, the SDSM, has presented documents from the land registry that it says show the ruling party recently purchased over 20 apartments, office spaces and building lots worth some €1.6 million.