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Sofia: Woman Abducted for Human Trafficking

In the early hours of May 18, 2024, a disturbing incident unfolded in Sofia's "Studentski Grad" area, where a woman fell victim to a horrifying abduction with the intent of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Authorities swiftly took action, leading to the arrest of a suspect implicated in the crime, though others involved remain unidentified.

Bulgaria's Grim Reality: One in Five Die Before 65

Average life expectancy in Europe is 81.5 years, with men living up to 78.9 years and women to 84.2 years. However, Bulgaria ranks at the bottom, with life expectancy significantly lower. The highest life expectancies are found in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, where people live an average of 6-7 years longer than Bulgarians.

Serbian gov't adopts conclusion on framework for green and social bonds

BELGRADE - The Serbian government on Thursday passed a Conclusion on adopting a framework document of the Republic of Serbia on issuing green and socially sustainable bonds.

The bonds will underpin a new form of the concept of green and socially sustainable financing, which is important for environmental protection and social inclusion.

Bulgarian Vice President Criticizes NATO's Position on Ukraine Conflict

Vice President Iliyana Yotova expressed reservations about supporting the declaration adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO in Sofia. The document calls for Ukraine to be permitted to use supplied weapons to target military sites inside Russia. Yotova highlighted that many European voices disagree with the decision made in Sofia.

Bulgaria: Lowest Life Expectancy in Europe!

Life expectancy in Bulgaria has increased by a year and a half, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics. This study compares the period 2021-2023 to 2020-2022. However, compared to ten years ago, there is a decline in average life expectancy for both women and men. City dwellers live more than three years longer than those in villages.

Returning for the 4th Time: GERB Pitches Boyko Borissov as Prime Minister of Bulgaria

For the first time since the potential return of Boyko Borissov as prime minister became a central theme in Bulgaria's election campaign, a GERB representative explicitly stated: "Regular government with Boyko Borissov as prime minister."

Russian Volunteers from Sofia Aid Ukrainian Front with Military Equipment

Russian volunteers belonging to the "Freedom of Russia Legion" dispatched military equipment to Ukraine, funded by voluntary donations from Russian citizens and ethnic Russians residing in Bulgaria. Demonstrating their commitment, the volunteers showcased six jeeps earmarked for the front line in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia.