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Sydney church stabbing called 'terrorist' act, teen detained

Australian police on Tuesday said a brutal knife attack during a live-streamed church service was a religiously motivated "terrorist" act, as they urged calm from the angered local community.

Two people were stabbed when a 16-year-old suspect rushed the dais at an Assyrian Christian church in western Sydney late Monday, slashing wildly at the bishop who was giving a sermon.

Yet Another Attack Rocks Sydney: Wakeley Church Targeted in Stabbing Spree

A horrifying attack unfolded in Sydney, Australia, as a yet-to-be-identified assailant stabbed several individuals, including a priest, during a church service in the Wakeley suburb. The incident has sent shockwaves across the community, further unsettling the city just days after a separate knife attack left six dead and 12 injured at the Westfield shopping center.

Mid East tension hits stocks, hopes for containment stem losses

Equities retreated on April 15 after Iran ramped up Middle East tensions by launching a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel over the weekend, fuelling fears of a wider conflict in the volatile region.

However, analysts said there was hope among traders that the crisis could be contained.

That sliver of optimism helped drag oil prices lower.

Appeal launched in search for 1999 murder suspect believed to have fled Australia for Greece

Australian and Greek authorities are appealing to the public and offering a reward for information on the whereabouts of a man who is suspected of fleeing to Greece after stabbing a man to death in an Australian nightclub in 1999.