Tel Aviv


Palestinian sketches celebrate stabbings (see cartoons)

Palestinians celebrated the spate of stabbing attacks in separate assaults near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a series of cartoons taht appeared on social media. Seven Israelis and 27 Palestinians have died over the last two weeks, reports Reuters. Meanwhile, Palestinians are using cartoons with various perspectives and special references to the Intifada (or uprising).

Five Palestinians, Israeli policeman wounded in West Bank raid

Five Palestinians and an Israeli border policeman were wounded in a raid in the occupied West Bank to arrest a Hamas militant, the Israeli army and local medical officials said on Sept 1. 

The fate of the wanted man was not immediately clear. The army said soldiers demolished a house, in the city of Jenin, in which he was suspected of hiding, after they were shot at. 

Tel Aviv's 'Iranian embassy' turns out to be atomic hoax

A billboard in central Tel Aviv announcing the opening of an Iranian embassy that met with disbelief and curiosity turned out to be a hoax, organizers of the eye-catching stunt have said.

?Opening here soon - Embassy of Iran in Israel,? proclaimed the five-story tall hoarding emblazoned with the Iranian and Israeli flags this week.