Canada has Banned most Foreigners from Buying Homes in the Country

A ban on the purchase of residential property by foreigners in Canada came into force on January 1, aiming to provide more housing to local residents facing a housing crisis.

Several exceptions in the law allow individuals such as refugees and non-citizen permanent residents to buy homes.

Netflix suspends ‘The Crown’ filming after death of Queen Elizabeth

Netflix suspended filming of its British royals drama "The Crown" on Sept. 8 following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the company said.

The acclaimed show is currently filming its sixth season, having charted the late monarch's life through multiple decades over the course of its previous seasons.

Justin Bieber reveals rare disorder behind facial paralysis

Justin Bieber says a rare disorder that paralyzed half of the superstar performer's face is the reason behind his tour postponement.

The multi-Grammy winner is suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, he said in video he posted Friday on Instagram. The syndrome causes facial paralysis and affects nerves in the face through a shingles outbreak.

Celtics push Nets to brink

The Toronto Raptors stayed alive, the Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves pulled level, and the Boston Celtics pushed the Brooklyn Nets to the brink of elimination in the NBA playoffs on April 23.

Jayson Tatum scored 39 points to lead the Celtics in a 109-103 victory over the Nets in Brooklyn that pushed their lead in the NBA Eastern Conference first-round series to 3-0.