British Columbia to Declare May 24 as Bulgaria Day

Facebook: Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC

Bulgaria will soon be celebrated in the heart of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver as May 24 is set to be declared Bulgaria Day, announced Velislava Panova, Consul General of Bulgaria in Toronto, to the BNR. This declaration comes as part of the ongoing efforts to promote Bulgarian culture and heritage abroad. She highlighted that the upcoming Days of Bulgaria in Canada on April 19th are being arranged for the third consecutive year.

The Days of Bulgaria in Canada, an annual event, is approaching for the third consecutive year, with special emphasis on the traditions and customs of the Bulgarian people. In a significant milestone, the event will extend to the city of Salmon Arm in British Columbia for the first time, marking its fifth consecutive year in the region.

"To my surprise, last year we discovered that in one of the farms Bulgarian-style yogurt is made there. We were intrigued why they do it - whether there are Bulgarians there, whether they have Bulgarian roots. It turned out that this farm was bought more than 40 years ago years of the Danes who decided to bring the best things from Europe to Canada when they moved. One of them was Bulgarian yogurt", added Panova.

As part of the Days of Bulgaria tradition, the city of Ruse will be spotlighted, offering Canadian residents a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria. Through these initiatives, the Consulate General aims to enhance the visibility of Bulgaria in Canada, fostering cultural exchange and understanding between the two nations.

Daniela Dobreva, vice president of the Bulgarian-Canadian Society in British Columbia, emphasized the society's commitment to supporting Bulgarian immigrants in Canada for over two decades. With over 6,000 Bulgarians residing...

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