Turkish Airlines set to order total 355 jets from Airbus

Turkish Airlines is planning to order a total of 355 planes from Airbus, according to people familiar with the talks.

Those are in addition to 10 A350-900 model jets Turkish Airlines already ordered.

This time, the flag carrier is ordering 250 A321neo aircraft, 75 A350-900, 15 A350-1000 jets as well as five A350F cargo aircraft.

Turkish Airlines’ orders for A350-900 reach 40 aircraft

Türkiye's national flag carrier, Turkish Airlines, has announced a new order for 10 additional A350-900 aircraft, taking its total for the type to 40, plane maker Airbus has announced.

This latest agreement is in addition to one announced in August for four A350-900s, the company said in a statement, noting that the carrier already operates a fleet of 14 A350-900s.

Pratt & Whitney engine issue adds to airline challenges

Commercial airlines have faced a tricky balancing act this summer, ramping up service to meet torrid travel demand in a period of labor shortages and supply chain constraints.

Adding to the challenges: new inspections needed on a class of Airbus planes that may suffer from microscopic "contamination" of metals used to manufacture Pratt & Whitney engines.

Wizz Air has been named the Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline in the World

The airline has been awarded the World Finance Sustainability Awards for the third year in a row

Wizz Air, Europe's fastest-growing airline and the world's most environmentally sustainable*, has been named the most sustainable low-cost airline for the third year in a row at World Finance's 2023 Global Sustainability Awards.

Boeing expects number of planes in air to double by 2042

Boeing expects the number of commercial planes in service around the world to double in the next 20 years, according to estimates published yesterday, anticipating a slightly larger increase than competitor Airbus.

The American aircraft manufacturer estimates 48,575 planes will be in service in 2042, compared with 24,500 last year.

Turkish Airlines eyes record plane order in two months

The chairman of Turkish Airlines has said that the company will make a final decision on plans for a record-breaking order of 600 aircraft in two months.

The airline is in talks with U.S. aircraft maker Boeing and its European rival Airbus to purchase 400 single-aisle planes along with 200 jumbo jets, said chairman Ahmet Bolat.