Spain and Argentina at loggerheads in diplomatic spat

Spain and Argentina were at diplomatic daggers drawn on Saturday as the two countries traded barbs over drug taking and economic decline.

Poor relations between the Hispanic nations hit a low on Friday night when Spain's Transport Minister Oscar Puente suggested Argentina's President Javier Milei was on drugs.

Global Freelance Rates: Bulgaria Secures 15th Spot in Professional Salary Rankings

Bulgaria holds the 15th spot worldwide in terms of average salaries for individuals engaged in freelance professions, boasting an average wage of $148.

Freelancing is a contractual profession where individuals, known as "freelancers," leverage their skills and expertise to offer services to various clients, rather than being formally employed by a single organization.

Argentina's Milei meets with Elon Musk in Texas

Elon Musk met with Argentine President Javier Milei on Friday at a Tesla plant in Austin, Texas, posting a picture of the pair happily giving thumbs-up signs.

Under the photo was written "Libertad", which is Spanish for "Freedom."

Milei shared on X, formerly Twitter, a picture of him and Musk shaking hands in a conference room, with a message saying long live freedom.