Bulgaria Reports Lowest Hourly Labour Costs in EU for 2023: Eurostat

Eurostat's recent publication on Wednesday showed insights into hourly labour costs across the European Union (EU) in 2023, indicating a notable rise compared to the previous year. The average hourly labour costs for the entire economy were estimated at EUR 31.8 in the EU and EUR 35.6 in the euro area, marking an increase from EUR 30.2 and EUR 34.0, respectively, in 2022.

Bulgaria Retains Lowest Purchasing Power in EU, While Luxembourg Tops the Charts

The latest data released by Eurostat, the official statistical office of the European Union, reveals that Bulgaria continues to grapple with the lowest purchasing power within the EU, while Luxembourg maintains its position at the top with the highest purchasing power.

Bulgarian Institute Achieves Landmark Success with Breakthrough in AI Research

Bulgaria's Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (INSAIT) has achieved a historic milestone, with an unprecedented 16 articles accepted for the prestigious Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), the world's foremost forum for AI and computer vision.

Finland is world's happiest country for seventh year: Study

Finland remained the world's happiest country for a seventh straight year in an annual U.N. sponsored World Happiness Report published on March 20.

And Nordic countries kept their places among the 10 most cheerful, with Denmark, Iceland and Sweden trailing Finland.

Compared to the previous year, Türkiye has climbed eight places in the list and is now ranked 98th.