Putin fired a test shot; Who is the next target?

It is a statement Putin made during the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights organized by the Kremlin, which focused on Latvia's policy regarding the Russian-speaking minority.
Newsweek states that Latvia is one of three NATO and European Union members that share a border with mainland Russia.

Mixed Sentiments: Euro's High Approval Amid Croatian Skepticism"

The euro enjoys robust support across the Eurozone, with approval ratings averaging 79%, although opinions vary significantly across member states. According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos European Public Affairs on behalf of the European Commission, diverse sentiments towards the single currency emerged, especially in Croatia, where skepticism persists.

European Sky Shield: Bulgaria Joins 11 Nations in Air Defense Initiative

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers has greenlit a landmark decision, approving a draft Memorandum of Understanding between Bulgaria and 11 European nations. This paves the way for a collaborative effort in procuring ground-based air defense systems under the European Sky Shield initiative.

Bulgaria Joins European Sky Shield: A Look into Defense Integration

Bulgaria has recently embarked on a significant strategic move by aligning itself with the "European Sky Shield Initiative" (ESSI), a collaborative air defense project led by Germany, aiming to fortify Europe's defenses against evolving aerial threats, primarily emanating from Russia.

World leaders extend congratulations on Türkiye's 100th anniversary

 Leaders from across the globe have extended their heartfelt congratulations to the Turkish Republic as the nation marks its 100th anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Türkiye on the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of its republic, saying that cooperation between Moscow and Ankara will continue to develop.