Greece returns 11 failed asylum seekers to Turkey

Greece returned to Turkey eleven migrants who did not qualify for international protection, Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis announced on social media on Friday evening.

The group includes migrants from Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, and Tunisia.

"We are speeding up procedures, implementing the new law we voted recently," he said in his comment.

Elevated Levels of Fine Particulate Matter is Sofia

Elevated levels of fine particulate matter have been registered in Sofia, reported. According to the map, the air is polluted in almost the entire city. 

Most polluted residential areas are Knyazhevo, Gorna Banya, Karpuzitsa, Boyana, Ovcha Kupel, Studentski grad, Krasna Polyana and parts of Mladost 2.

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Georgi Yanev, Alexander Alexandrov and Anelia Dukova Winners of the ISCT 2020 Squash Tournament

80 competitors from Bulgaria, Pakistan, Egypt, Romania, Spain and Greece began their squash year with an international tournament at the Fireball Sports Hall. After 305 games of tough battle, Georgi Yanev, Alexander Alexandrov and Anelia Dukova won gold medals in the respective categories.

Svetlin Nakov - Personality in the News 2019, Kristalina Georgieva - with Special Award for Extraordinary Global Achievements

The names of the winners in the traditional 2019 Personality in the News Awards became clear.

The winners were selected by the NoviniteGroup team after active and careful research of the most accomplished and significant personalities in the news stream in 2019, who contributed to the positive image of Bulgaria around the world.

Rescue operation continues in deadly migrant boat sinking off Paxi

Greece's Coast Guard resumed on Monday a rescue operation to locate refugees and migrants who fell into the sea when their boat sank on Saturday 13 nautical miles southwest of the island of Paxi, western Greece.

The twelve bodies that have so far been pulled out of the sea have not yet been identified, but none of them are children, the state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Over 1,2 million irregular migrants held in Turkey in last five years

More than 1,2 million irregular migrants trying to get to Europe from Turkey were held in last five years as a result of Turkish police, gendarmerie and coast guard teams' effective work, according to data compiled from security sources.
A total of 454,000 irregular migrants were held in Turkey in 2019, according to the data.
This figure was the highest number ever.