Serbian Municipal Honour for War Criminal Dismissed as ‘Political Game’

The decision of the local assembly of Pantelej, a municipality of the city of Nis, the biggest city in southern Serbia, to make a convicted war criminal, Vladimir Lazarevic, an honorary citizen is not surprising and represents part of the "petty political game" of the ruling party, NGO activists told BIRN.

Croatia Celebrates Anniversary of ‘Storm’ Victory; Serbia Mourns Victims

Croatia's political leadership, wartime generals and war veterans gathered on Thursday in the town of Knin to mark the anniversary of the victorious military offensive, Operation Storm, that practically ended the independence war in the country in 1995.

Part of the ceremony took place at the Knin Fortress, while another part was held at the town's football stadium.

Western Balkans Make Progress towards Visa Libralisation

Western Balkan countries, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine continue to meet the visa liberalisation requirements and made progress in addressing last year's recommendations. That is the conclusion of the 4th report on the monitoring of the EU visa-free regime with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Kosovo Must be Patient Over Visas – EU Representative Says

"The situation is not positive [and] I hope that it will be solved quite soon," he told BIRN in an interview.

Szunyog reiterated that the process led by the European Commission had concluded that Kosovo had met all of the conditions for visa-free travel into the EU's passport-free Schengen zone.

Croatian Serbs Commemorate Victims of 1995 Operation Storm

Croatian Serb advocacy orgnisations and other human rights organisations on Wednesday started a six-day campaign to commemorate the Serbian civilian victims of the Croatian army's 1995 Operation "Oluja" ("Storm").

The operation terminated an ethnic Serb rebellion but also resulted in some 200,000 Serbs being expelled or fleeing the Knin region in southwest Croatia.

Teachers' association's Dolha: We cannot have educated Romania without higher wages for teachers

The chairman of the General Association of Teachers of Romania (AGIRo), Viorel Dolha, said, on Wednesday, during the International Congress of Romanian Teachers at home and abroad which is taking place in northwestern Oradea, that "without much, much, much higher pay" of teachers we cannot have an educated Romania. "We would all want an educated Romania. To have much better teachers.