Jovanovic: 99 pct of Serbian households to have high-speed Internet access by end-2025

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Information and Telecommunications Mihailo Jovanovic said on Wednesday 99 pct of Serbian households would have high-speed landline Internet access by the end of 2025.

Opening the Technobank conference in Belgrade, Jovanovic also said he expected the value of Serbia's IT exports to rise from the present 2.7 bln euros to 10 bln euros by 2030.

Vesic: Serbia, Hungary to have joint projects on Danube

BUDAPEST - Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic met with the president of the Western Balkans committee of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Attila Galambos, in Budapest on Wednesday.

They discussed a bilateral agreement under which Hungary has secured 80 mln euros for projects in Serbia.

Details of the large police operation: 23 people were questioned

In the Special Department for Suppression of Corruption of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, 25 members of two related groups suspected of money laundering were questioned.
They are suspected of multiple tax frauds related to VAT refunds, which damaged the budget of the Republic of Serbia by more than 246 million dinars.