Matic: "Curuvija was killed by the state, it was proven by the trial" VIDEO

Matic pointed out that this was unequivocally proven by the trial, which ended yesterday in the first instance verdict of members of the State Security Service (SDB).
"On the same day he was killed, it was clear that the state was behind it because it had been destroying his newspaper for months prior to that. Curuvija was its target", Matic told TV Prva.

Ruzic: Pupils in the school benches next week as well

Less than a thousand students are currently infected with coronavirus, which is 0.15 percent, but that is a statistic and it is important that we promote the application of epidemiological measures through education and work with students and teachers, but also raise awareness of the need to deal with this plague, and the best way to fight and win is a vaccine, said Branko Rui.

What Djilas said about lithium four years ago: "It will employ thousands of people"

Four years ago, he was an ardent supporter of this project, Belgrade media report.
Referring to the interview of Djilas for Nedeljnik on October 25, 2017, they write that he literally said that we should talk about the concession for those mines, because it is a huge chance for Serbia.