$8 mln: Too little for oil, very precious for Kurds

When compared to the enormous oil and gas Reich that is Iraq, $8 million is almost nothing, but it has historical meaning for the Kurds in Iraq.

It is the amount of the share of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) out of some $95 million that was sold over Turkey without the consent of the central Nouri al-Maliki government in Baghdad.

Resist, olives

According to Spanish José Maria Blazquez, writer of World Olive Encyclopedia, olive growing started in Anatolia about 6,000 years ago. The world’s oldest-known olive oil production was discovered near the Aegean town of Urla, in the ancient city Clazomenae.

The Islamic world’s failure spawned ISIL

Israel’s operation against Gaza is nothing but brutal and indiscriminate collective punishment against the Palestinians and is deplorable. The pictures we see in the press of celebrating Israelis as bombs fall on the people of Gaza are reminiscent of another era when the Jews were on the receiving end, but this appears lost on Israelis today.

Turkey’s pioneer female artist’s art and life at Arter

Istanbul’s Arter pays tribute to a pioneer female contemporary artist. Füsun Onur’s first comprehensive exhibition continues in Arter until Aug 17 Füsun Onur is an artist who resists time. She likes to keep her past near her and lives with it, while reflecting it onto the present times.