The Odyssey of Balkan revisionism

The book "Balkan Odyssey" is a firsthand account by former British foreign secretary David Owen, who along with former US secretary of state Cyrus Vance (a familiar figure among Greeks from the discussions on the Macedonia name dispute) led the 1992 effort under the secretary-general of the United Nations to address the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

Popovic lays wreath at memorial to WWII liberators of Belgrade

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister without portfolio Nenad Popovic laid a wreath at a memorial to the WWII liberators of Belgrade on Wednesday to commemorate May 15, 1945, the day when WWII military operations ended in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Poplovic laid the wreath as an envoy of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Djuric receives Eswatini FM

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Marko Djuric met with Eswatini FM Pholile Dlamini-Shakantu in Belgrade on Friday to discuss the friendship between the two countries and stepping up their political dialogue, as well as Eswatini's support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia.

Djuric calls for UN resolution leading to reconciliation, equal treatment of all victims

NEW YORK - Serbian Ambassador to the UN Marko Djuric called on UN Security Council member states on Tuesday to draft a new resolution on Srebrenica that would have the consensus of all three entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lead to progress and reconciliation and give equal treatment to all victims of the war in the former Yugoslavia.