German MP sends message to the Serbs: NATO bombing is not over yet

The bombing is not over either, because Serbia does not want to impose sanctions on Russia and does not want to become a NATO member, and the West does not want to accept this kind of resistance, which is why Serbia is in this position, Alexander Noy, a left-wing MP in German Bundestag, tells Sputnik.

Denmark’s Integration Experiment Reflects European U-turn

Many refugees from the 1992-95 war in former Yugoslav Bosnia had already settled in the neighbourhood, he said.

"I remember those white sheets, so clean and nice, coming from a refugee camp with dust and everything," said Avni, now 30, who spoke on condition his real name not be disclosed.

"It was basically a country where you could heal from the war and feel welcome."

BIRN Launches ‘If You Were Here’ Missing Persons Campaign

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is launching its new missing persons campaign on Valentine's Day to emphasise how people across the Balkans lost their loved ones during the wars, and that more than two decades afterwards, some are still waiting for information about their partners and other relatives.

How Serbia Changed its Mind about World War II History

"The overall economic and legitimacy crisis after Tito's death in the 1980s created a favourable atmosphere for criticising the Partisan myth and creating positive images about their [the Partisans'] enemies [the Chetniks]," Djureinovic, who has a PhD in history from Justus Liebig University in Giessen and works with the Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre, told BIRN in an interview.

North Macedonia Mourns Basketball Legend Killed in Crash

Basketball legend Blagoja Georgievski - Bushtur as he was known in North Macedonia and ex-Yugoslav countries - died aged 69 on Wednesday at around 11 pm after losing control of his vehicle on a wet, slippery road in the capital, Skopje, the North Macedonia Interior Ministry said on Thursday.