Popovic lays wreath at memorial to WWII liberators of Belgrade

BELGRADE - Serbian Minister without portfolio Nenad Popovic laid a wreath at a memorial to the WWII liberators of Belgrade on Wednesday to commemorate May 15, 1945, the day when WWII military operations ended in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Poplovic laid the wreath as an envoy of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

"Our ancestors, who took part in WWII and gave their lives, were the victims of the greatest evil committed during that war by Nazi Germany, Nazi Croatia and other followers of Nazism. Close to one million Serbs gave their lives, but Serbia was on the side of the victors - it was a victor in that war," Popovic told Tanjug after the ceremony.

Today, many are trying to revise history and portray killers as the victims and the victims as killers, he noted.

"Serbia will always be on the side of justice. We see that some historians in...

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