Virus spread 'aggressive' in the north

A day after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis heralded new restrictions to curb a sharp spike in coronavirus infections, the latest figures indicate that the upward trend shows no signs of abating, with epidemiologists warning of an "aggressive" increase in northern Greece, while cases are up 40 percent in Attica since last week. 

Health authorities are regularly reviewing a map that categorizes the country's regions according to the level of transmission of the virus to ensure that restrictions are strict enough to contain further outbreaks without stifling economic and social activity. 

As of Monday, 25 of the country's 75 regional units will be in the lowest category of risk (level 1) with 33 at level 2, 14 at level 3 - including Attica and Thessaloniki - and two - Kastoria and Kozani, in northern Greece - at level 4. 

Following talks with the country's...

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