Bulgarian Socialist Party

Executive Body of Bulgarian Socialist Party Resigns Except Their Leader - Ninova

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova said on April 5 that the party's entire executive bureau had resigned in, but she herself was not stepping down.

"I was elected only 6 months ago by a large majority in the party, but more importantly, a Parliament is to be formed," Ninova added.

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research: GERB-UDF win 25.2% of the votes; “There Is Such a People” comes second with 17.1%

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research polling agency shows that Boyko Borrisov's GERB-Union of Democratic Forces coalition has won 25.2% share of the votes in Bulgaria's parliamentary elections, held on April 4.

The party of the TV presenter, Slavi Trifonov "There is Such a People" is second with 17.1%.

Communist-Era Agents Still a Political Presence in Bulgaria

That dozens of former agents and collaborators are running for Bulgaria's national assembly is symbolic of a lustration process that was never more than piecemeal, and raises fresh questions about the scruples of opportunistic politicians who were once diehard communists only to now be running for office on behalf of parties from across the political spectrum, including the far-right.

Risk of Rigged Election High in Bulgaria – Anti-Corruption Fund

The NGO Anti-Corruption Fund says that Bulgaria is facing a serious risk of electoral fraud at upcoming elections on 4 April, with irregularities found at one in every five polling stations.

The NGO analysed a total of 2,554 polling stations of a total of about 11,000 and estimated that around 5% of all votes cast could be subject to fraud.

Elections in Bulgaria: Five Political Formations Will Make It to Parliament, Two Are in Limbo

Five political formations are sure to enter the future Parliament, while two are on the verge, show data from a survey, commissioned by the 24 Chassa daily newspaper and conducted by the Trend polling agency face-to-face among 1,004 adults between March 9 and 14.