Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Five Parties to Enter Parliament in Bulgaria's Early Election - Poll

Five parties will make it to Bulgaria's legislature in the upcoming parliamentary election in March, but others also stand a chance, a poll has suggested.

According to Alpha Research pollsters' projection, conservative GERB party of Boyko Borisov, which dominated the previous government, will lead by a margin of less than 2%, garnering 31.5% of the vote.

Bulgaria's Vice President 'Cannot Give Up Party Overnight'

Vice President Iliana Iotova has fended off claims that the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is wielding influence on the presidency.

In an interview with private NOVA TV, however, she has warned one cannot expect of her to "give up the BSP overnight."

"Twenty of my best years are linked to the BSP," Iotova, a former MEP and core BSP member, has recalled.

GERB Leading on BSP If Bulgaria Held Elections Today - Poll

Five parties would make it to the Bulgarian Parliament in the event of a hypothetical election, a survey shows less than six weeks out of a parliamentary vote due in March.

In a poll by Trend Research Center, commissioned by 24 Chasa, Boyko Borisov's GERB party is maintaining a narrow lead on the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) of Korneliya Ninova.

Bulgarian Socialists Approve Direct Election of Leader, Put Cap on MP Terms

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) on Sunday approved new rules putting a cap on lawmakers' terms and changing the way leaders are elected.

The BSP, the second-largest political party after the last parliamentary election in 2014, is being overhauled under its chair Korneliya Ninova, who took over last spring.

Five Parties Have Chance to Enter Bulgaria's Parliament - Poll

Five parties would make it to Parliament in the early election this spring, a poll based on attitudes in mid-January shows.

The parties jumping above the 4% threshold include conservative GERB, socialist BSP, liberal, ethnic Turk-dominated DPS, the recently forged nationalist alliance United Patriots, and Volya, the new party of Varna-based businessman Veselin Mareshki.

Bulgaria's Energy System Stable, Minister Says

Outgoing Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova on Monday dispelled claims the country is facing an electricity crisis.

At an emergency briefing following allegations from the opposition on the use of EU funding and the state of Bulgaria's energy sector, Petkova accused the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) of fearmongering and spreading "lies".