Culture Ministry

For an Oscar or a Raspberry?

A storm in a teacup or a serious shift in the Greek cinema industry's institutional landscape? Draft laws, as a rule, tend to attract the interest only of those who are directly affected, a few specific circles. Their anxiety about what will come is not always justified, as their main source of concern is, usually, that some new measure will come along to rock their boat. 

On copyrights and quotas

One of the objectives of the Culture Ministry is to provide support to Greek artists and ensure the establishment of an efficient and transparent mechanism for the collection and distribution of copyrights.

Historic mosque opens for prayers after a century

Muslims observe Eid-al Fitr at the Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Wednesday - the first time that the early 20th century monument has been opened for prayers in more than a century. The Yeni Mosque was converted into a museum in 1925 following the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

Head of Apollo crowned with laurels unearthed

A head dated to the 2nd or early 3rd century AD belonging to a beardless man crowned with a wreath of laurels, most likely belonging to a statue of Apollo, was among the finds made by Aristotle University researchers at the Philippi archeological site in northeastern Greece during excavations completed last September, according to the Culture Ministry. 

Shipwrecks found off Kasos

The discovery of 10 shipwrecks as well as important individual finds has been announced after the completion in October last year of underwater archaeological research in the maritime area of Kasos island, in the southeast Aegean.