Defense Ministry

Türkiye, Ukraine discuss grain deal amid Russia’s complaints

Türkiye and Ukraine continue talks for the continuation of the grain deal amid heightened Russian complaints and threats that it won't extend the initiative if its own products are not allowed to be exported. The talks paved the way for the resumption of the inspections of the ships that have been stalled for some time.

Satellite cities to be established in Istanbul to relocate risky buildings

Within the scope of preparation for the major earthquake expected in the Marmara region, 500,000 of the 1.5 million risky residences in Istanbul will be rebuilt on-site, and satellite cities of 500,000 residences will be established on both sides of the megacity to relocate the rest, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum has announced.

Two PKK/YPG terrorists caught on Syrian border

Two PKK/YPG members have been caught while trying to illegally cross into Türkiye from Syria, the Defense Ministry has announced.

In a post on its social media account, the ministry informed that the apprehended were members of the PKK/KCK and its Syrian offshoot, PYD/YPG.

"Our struggle for the security of our borders continues with determination," it added.

Targeting torpedo obstacles

An effort is under way by the Defense Ministry to overcome the obstacles created by an old legal dispute between the Greek state and the company that supplies new heavy-duty torpedoes (SeaHake Mod 4) for the Hellenic Navy's submarines.