Defense Ministry

Turkey, Italy conduct joint drill in Mediterranean

Italian and Turkish submarines conducted a joint maritime drill in the Mediterranean, said Turkey's Defense Ministry on June 15. 

In a tweet, the ministry said the two navies have the most effective submarine force in the Mediterranean Sea and will continue to improve the interoperability with maritime training.

Defense Ministry team back home on Wednesday from medical support mission to Alabama

The Defense Ministry's specialized medical team that has been on a two-week mission to the state of Alabama, providing critical COVID-19 support to the authorities, will return to the country on Wednesday, the Ministry of National Defense said.

38 detained over deadly attack on aid workers

Turkish security units on May 15 detained at least 38 suspects over alleged links to May 14's deadly terror attack in the eastern province of Van.

Two social workers delivering aid amid the coronavirus outbreak were killed in a terror attack on May 14.

The victims were in Özalp in the Van province when gunmen opened fire with rifles, also wounding a bystander.

Turkey, Russia hold 11th joint patrol in Idlib

Turkish and Russian forces have carried out their 11th joint patrol along a key highway in northwestern Syria, Turkey's Defense Ministry said on May 14.
"Within the framework of TUR-RF Agreement/Protocol, the 11th TUR-RF Combined Land Patrol on M-4 Highway in Idlib was conducted with the participation of land and air elements," said the ministry on Twitter.