Demirören News Agency

University building collapses due to nearby construction

The building of a university in Istanbul has collapsed due to a deep foundation pit opened at a construction site nearby, Demirören News Agency has reported.

"The sustaining wall of the construction site fell late on Oct. 23, causing the building of Arel University to collapse in the metropolis' Sefaköy neighborhood," the agency wrote on Oct. 24.

İzmir’s old Jewish neighborhood to turn into museum

An old Jewish neighborhood in the western province of İzmir, where some nine synagogues exist, will convert into an open museum, says the project's coordinator.

"The region inside the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar will be a focus of interest of the city's faith and culture tourism," Nesim Bencoya, an expert from the İzmir Jewish Heritage Project, told Demirören News Agency on Oct. 18.