EU Council

Bulgaria's Customs Agency Bolsters Border Vigilance in Accordance with Schengen Commitments to Austria

The Customs Agency of Bulgaria has intensified scrutiny on all goods entering and exiting Austria, implemented across checkpoints and territory, aligning with the country's commitment to Austria and Schengen entry obligations.

Deputy PM Thanks Spanish Presidency as Bulgaria, Romania Set to Join Schengen

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel extended gratitude to the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council for their collaborative efforts facilitating Bulgaria's Schengen accession. With Belgium gearing up to assume the EU Presidency, Gabriel welcomed and highlighted the six key priorities laid out by the incoming leadership.

Ankara wants unconditional start of customs union talks with EU

Türkiye calls on the European Union to unconditionally start talks for the modernization of the customs union while expressing its discomfort about the postponement of the approval of a key report that draws a road map for the future ties between Ankara and Brussels at the latest EU Council summit.

Spain Not Committed to New Meeting for the Admission of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen

Spain, holding the EU Presidency, remains non-committal about arranging an urgent Council meeting to vote on Bulgaria and Romania's Schengen membership.

Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska expressed Europe's strengthened stance with the integration of both countries but refrained from committing to a timeline, citing ongoing efforts.

Germany blocks Eurofighter sale to Türkiye 'citing Eastmed drilling concerns'

Germany, a key member of the quartet consortium producing the Eurofighter Typhoon, is reportedly hesitatant to sell the advanced jets to Türkiye, citing concerns over the latter's natural gas drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean, according to sources in local media.

Euractiv: Greece Blocks Albania's Negotiations with the EU

The road to Albania's EU membership negotiations faces an unexpected halt due to Greece's recent action, reported EurActiv. Greece has wielded its influence within the Council of the EU to obstruct the opening of the initial five chapters necessary for Albania's EU membership negotiations to commence.