Ankara slams EU for linking ties with Türkiye to Cyprus issue

Ankara has criticized the European Union for linking Türkiye-EU ties to the Cyprus question, describing the move as another example of Brussels' lack of strategic vision on Türkiye and global developments.

"The conclusions on Türkiye by the Special European Council held in Brussels on April 17-18, 2024, are yet another example of the EU's lack of strategic vision on Türkiye and global developments," read a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on April 18.

The EU Council held a strategic debate on Türkiye late on April 17 and the decisions taken were reflected in the joint statement.

"The European Council tasks Coreper [Committee of Permanent Representatives], respecting the competences of the relevant institutions, to advance work on the recommendations of the Joint Communication in line with previous European Council conclusions in a phased, proportionate and reversible manner, subject to additional guidance from the European Council," read the EU statement.

The joint communication is penned by the EU's high representative for security and foreign affairs Josep Borrell, who advised the EU to start talks for upgrading the customs union and visa facilitation for Turkish nationals.

"It is contradictory that the Council did not take any decisions on the recommendations of the Joint Communication on EU-Türkiye Relations prepared by the High Representative Borrell and the Commission, although the Council conclusions emphasize that the EU has a strategic interest in developing a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with Türkiye," said Ankara.

The ministry statement did also refute the EU's efforts to link Türkiye-EU ties to the Cyprus problem. The EU conclusions stated that "The European Union attaches particular...

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