Finance Ministry

Debt payment double standards in Greece

Taxpayers are suffering from the double standards on expired arrears in Greece: On the one hand the Greek state pays interest of just 3 percent to its suppliers when there are delays in the repayment of its debts or a case is pending in court, while on the other households and corporations have to pay interest of 8.76 percent - from the very first day past due at that.

The Bulgarian Budget Estimate up to 2022: BGN 650 Minimum Wage and 4% Unemployment

The Ministry of Finance envisages 2019 to be the last with a budget deficit, and next year will plan the budget with a surplus of 0.4% of GDP for 2020, 0.2% of GDP for 2021 and 0.1% of GDP for 2022. This is included in the draft medium-term budgetary projection by 2022 published for public discussion.

Ponta on 3-billion-euro loan: It has highest cost of Romania's history

The 3-billion-euro loan recently drawn by the Government "has the highest cost of Romania's history," the interest being almost 2.2 billion euro, Pro Romania party Chairman and former PM Victor Ponta told a press conference on Sunday. He spoke of the 3-billion-euro loan which the Government, the Finance Ministry took in only one day.