Finance Ministry

Coastal zones bill debated by House committee

The abolition of the minimum width of beach zones that can be commercially exploited, the removal of leasing responsibilities from municipalities, and the level of coastal protection in Natura areas were the focus of most observations by social bodies participating in Wednesday's House committee discussion of the Finance Ministry's draft law. 

Cryptocurrency gains targeted

The Finance Ministry and tax authorities are preparing to create a framework for the taxation of cryptocurrencies, with the establishment of the relevant committee being the first step. The difficulties mainly concern monitoring trade, as those who sell cryptocurrencies are unknown. At the moment the focus, until rules are put in place, is on the fight against money laundering.

Stricter penalties for non-use of POS

The Economy and Finance Ministry on Thursday submitted a provision to parliament which aims to increase fines and impose sanctions against business that have yet to install POS terminals linked to cash registers.

The plan also foresees fines for providers of POS terminals and cash registries who do not comply with the law.

Türkiye freezes assets of 11 people for supporting terrorism

Assets of 11 people who were found to have provided and collected funds for terrorist organizations have been suspended in Türkiye in line with the decision prepared by the Treasury and Finance Ministry.

The ministry's decision to freeze the assets of individuals associated with terrorist organizations was published in the Legal Gazette.

Suspicious delays in interfacing of cash registers with POS

There is strong dissatisfaction in the Finance Ministry about the speed with which IT companies - even multinational giants - are upgrading their software, so that it will be possible by February 29 to interface 400,000 cash registers with an equal number of POS.

According to ministry officials, there are suspicions that some companies are deliberately delaying the interconnection.