Greek Cypriot administration

Turkish Cypriots 'have priority' in water project

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tu?rul Türke? said the Turkish Cypriot community held the priority for the water pumped through the Northern Cyprus Water Supply project, while other countries would also have the chance to receive water from the same project but only after the Turkish Cypriots met their demand. 

EU announces Cypriot 'understanding' over halloumi

In the protracted negotiations to bring together the Turkish and Greek communities of Cyprus, few would imagine that a rubbery cheese would make its mark.

But on July 17, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced the sides had reached a ?common understanding? on registering halloumi cheese as a ?protected designation of origin? (PDO) product under EU law.

Visa requirements lifted on Cyprus amid peace talks

The two administrations on the divided island of Cyprus decided May 15 to remove visa requirements as a goodwill gesture amid ongoing negotiations over the island's future.

Visa applications will be lifted effective as of May 16 for people living on the island, said a statement issued on May 15 by the Interior Ministry of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).