Independent Authority

Confiscations of debtors' assets grow, as do fresh debts

The confiscation by tax authorities of the salaries, pensions, rental revenues savings, properties and other assets of people with debts to the state is continuing apace.

Data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue show that in the first two months of the year forced measures were imposed on 33,933 taxpayers with debts of over 500 euros each.

March tax revenues beat target

Tax revenues in March were 24 percent above the budget target, the head of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, Giorgos Pitsilis, told the 13th Athens Tax Forum convened by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, amid calls for more rational taxation that would allow the private economy to grow.

Uninsured vehicles

Back in 2013, Greece's Parliament passed legislation that enabled authorities to track down uninsured vehicles. Four years later, however, that law remains on paper.

Failure to see through the measure is just another sign of the country's ineffective public administration. It also demonstrates the absence of strong political will to implement the law.