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China has reported cases of the Bubonic Plague

China reports two cases of the bubonic plague recorded on August 7. The infected are a father and daughter, probably infected by another family member - the mother, Reuters reported.

Everyone who came into contact with them has been quarantined. They showed no symptoms of the disease, local authorities reported. The infected are from the Inner Mongolia region, bTV clarifies.

HPV vaccine coverage very low among Greek boys

Only a very small percentage of boys in Greece have received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Despite the fact that this vaccine is one of the two for cancer prevention, less than one in 10 boys aged 9 and older have had it. And this is despite the fact that since April 2022 it has been included in the National Vaccination Program and is therefore administered free of charge.

Bulgaria: Health Minister to drop the Mandatory Isolation and Quarantine for People Sick with COVID-19

The Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev, will initiate changes to the Health Law to allow for the abolition of the mandatory isolation of persons sick with COVID-19, as well as the mandatory quarantine of the contacts of these persons.

On May 5, the World Health Organization lifted the Public Health Emergency of International Concern due to COVID-19.