Zagreb County Court

Croatian Serb Rebel Leader Convicted of Rocket Attack

Zagreb County Court on Tuesday convicted Milan Martic, the former president of an unrecognised wartime Serb rebel statelet called the Republic of Serbian Krajina, and his military chief-of-staff, Milan Celeketic, of staging rocket attacks on Croatian cities in 1995.

Under the first-instance verdict, Martic was sentenced to seven years in prison and Celeketic to 20 years.

Glavas Witnesses Only Learned about War Crimes ‘from Media’

Two former politicians, Luka Bebic and Andrija Hebrang, members of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, told Zagreb County Court on Monday that they only learned from the media that the defendant, Branimir Glavas, had been involved in war crimes against Serbian civilians in the eastern city of Osijek in 1991.

Croatia Upholds Serb Paramilitary’s Wartime Rape Conviction

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it has confirmed the verdict sentencing Pero Jekic, a former member of a Serb paramilitary unit, to eight years in prison for war crimes against civilians.

Jekic committed the crime in July 1991, when members of Serb paramilitary units entered Hrvatski Cuntic, a village in central Croatia near the town of Petrinja.

Croatia Acquits Serb Ex-Fighter of Killing Married Couple

Zagreb County Court on Monday acquitted former Serb fighter Slobodan Mutic of killing two Croatian civilians, Stjepan and Paula Cindric, during the war in 1992 in the town of Petrinja.

Another former Serb fighter, Dragan Perencevic, who was tried in absentia for the same crime, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Witness Confesses to Lying to Help Croatian Wartime General

Nikola Jaman, who was a commander of the First Battalion of Osijek Defenders during wartime, testified at Zagreb County Court on Tuesday that he lied in earlier testimony about Branimir Glavas, who is being retried alongside six co-defendants for the killings of Serb civilians in the eastern city of Osijek in 1991.

Croatian Policemen Acquitted of Massacre of Elderly Serbs

The Croatian Supreme Court has upheld a verdict acquitting former policemen Frano Drljo and Bozo Krajina of committing a war crime by killing six elderly Serb civilians in the village of Grubori near Knin during an 'anti-terrorist' sweep conducted after Croatia's victorious Operation Storm defeated rebel Serb forces in August 1995, Croatian media reported on Wednesday.

Germany Extradites Jailed Yugoslav Spy Chief to Croatia

Josip Perkovic was flown from Germany to Croatia on Thursday on a regular Croatia Airlines flight accompanied by plainclothes policemen, local media reported.

After landing, he was immediately taken to Remetinec prison in Zagreb, where he will be held while it is decided where he will serve the rest of his 30-year sentence.